Friday, January 10, 2014

"Rough Morning"

"Rough Morning"

I had trouble getting out of bed one morning this past week - nothing to do with the weather.  Near as I can figure, it was the result of a combination of sliding down in the bed and my right arm weakening.  At  any rate, it was plenty scary and we finally called hospice and the paramedics. 

Once again they were awesome, very professional, supportive, and helpful.  Have I mentioned that I was frightened?  As the day unfolded there was no question the experience zapped my energy.  Luckily, my energy slowly improved enough for me to get back online, eat, read, and write.

Probably fueling my feelings of frustration was a time on Saturday morning when I was really down. Who knows why exactly - perhaps it was partially related to the weather,  perhaps the drawing to a close of the holidays, perhaps the  missing of family or family gatherings or friends, or maybe it had something to do with the continuing decline of my physical coordination and abilities, or (and this is my suspicion) a combination of everything just noted and more than likely a few other circumstances. 

Things are better - the hospice staff continues to be awesome as they go about their ministry of compassionate caring with grace, kindness, and promptness much appreciated by both of us.  And there  are the visits and email and Facebook messages from many of you.  But, my primary cheerleader and caregiver continues to be my and beautiful wife, Dorothy.  It's not an easy role to play nor always a pleasant relationship, but we are so thankful for our deep love for one another! 

So, for now, Happy New Year!  May lasting Peace come to earth!  And may this be  the year ALS research is successful! 


  1. I continue to be amazed by Dorothy's strength and serenity. I'm sure that there are moments when she feels angry and overwhelmed. Who wouldn't? But Dorothy is an exceptional woman. Her unending love for Bill is obvious in every moment that I've been with her both before and after Bill became ill. Bill is blessed to be married to her. But I think that, despite the horrible pain that she must feel that Bill will be taken from her far too soon, Dorothy is blessed to have a husband who has loved her so very much and will love her throughout eternity. That may not be Biblically correct but it is what I believe.

    Recently, we have all lost two special men, Bob Batory and Parker Brown. Like Bill and Dorothy, these men had long and loving marriages with Doris and Donna, respectively. Having come from a broken home and seen, in my career, so much anger and cruelty displayed between people who once felt love for one another, I was a true cynic when I joined Maple Grove when I was in my late 40's. But seeing Bill and Dorothy, Bob and Doris, Parker and Donna and so many others there has been a gift to me. I have come to understand that having a relationship in which Christ is a third partner strengthens love not just in the hard times that they faced but in the day in and day out that can be difficult, too. I'm only sorry that Bill and Dorothy will not have the time together that the Batorys and the Browns have had.

  2. You two are so blessed to have a love so strong to get you both through this. We can all only hope to have a love that grand.

    Stacey Deal
    The ALS Association Central & Southern Ohio Chapter

  3. Hi there, Mr. Croy. I came to visit you in September with Jennifer Monahan and I just wanted to let you know that I think of you often. I am working on my own in North Central Ohio now and I share your story with all of my ALS patients. You are inspiration to all! I'm glad to hear that you are continuing to blog with your eye gaze system. Take care.
    Elyse (McDaid) Pycraft