Thursday, September 18, 2014

"A Summer/Fall Afternoon"

"A Summer/Fall Afternoon"

I'm sitting in my power wheelchair on the deck of our handicapped accessible home enjoying the sounds of activity in the area behind our house. I mean, there are two guys putting the finishing touches on a new french drain to correct a water issue in our yard (if you think I knew what I just referenced before Dorothy conversed with the multiple men who journeyed through our yard on several occasions the last couple of weeks, you don't know me very well!).

The lawns on each side of us are these beautiful seas of green grass - plush and well-maintained. The home to our west is being mowed as I sit here reflecting on the difference between theirs and ours. Ours looks like we have a contract to raise crabgrass and dandelions. Hence the explanation for our decision to have an irrigation system installed to give our lawn a little assistance. Yes, that is also taking place right now as I sit on my deck and observe this variety of welcome activity. What a magnificent and interesting machine it is that allows them to make what used to be a backbreaking time-consuming task. Oh, the engineering and creative minds that invent such wonderfully useful pieces of equipment to ease manual labor.

Finally, on the other side of the pond behind our house a tree service is busy cutting down some dead and diseased trees adding to the cacophony of sounds, the music of work being accomplished, noise. Not necessarily directly related to the dredging of the pond planned for the coming days, but necessary nonetheless. While we enjoy and appreciate the view from our back deck, there's no question the pond has some issues. Apparently the pond is only about 4" deep and should be much deeper. We're hoping it successfully removes the green slime-like algae covering the majority of it.

Well, this is probably the length of my posts from now on unless I'm reworking a sermon. Hands just not functioning as needed and still learning the eyegaze.


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